Sleep Disordered Breathing in Professional Drivers in Damietta Governorate

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Mohamed Elsayed Abd Ellatif Elsherbiny
Ayman Ahmed Mahmoud
Kamel Abd Elgafar Hassan
Ismail Mohammed Al-Wakeel


Background: The overarching term sleep-related breathing disorders is utilized to collect the various conditions in which a person experiences an aberration of respiration entirely or in part, during sleep.

Aim of the work: The aim of this work was to estimate the prevalence of sleep disordered breathing among professional drivers in Damietta Governorate.

Methods: This research included two parts: First part was descriptive longitudinal study contained two phases: Phase- I: diagnosis of the symptomatized patients as SDB patients and Phase-II: treatment and follow up of the diagnosed patients. Second part: cross sectional study. Phase-I: 110 male commercial drivers with license belong to Damietta Governorate Traffic Unit who were self-referred or referred by a physician to SDB Unit Clinic with symptoms suggesting sleep disordered breathing. Phase-II: The diagnosed drivers with SDB 100 from 110 drivers were offered treatment options according to clinical practice guidelines. This second part of the study included 510 male commercial drivers.

 Results: Multivarivate analysis of statistically significant predictors of OHS in bivariate analysis and we found three independent predictors (with percentage for accuracy of this model= 99%): AHI (OR=2.3), sleep efficiency (OR=0.98) and arousal index (OR= 1.89). where each unit increase in both AHI, sleep efficiency results in increase in the risk of OHS by 2.3 and 0.98 respectively. Each unit increase in arousal index decrease the risk of OHS (1.89). there was a higher percentage of accidents in the group of OHS in comparison to OSA group and this difference was statistically significant (p≤0.001).

Conclusions: High prevalence of SDB among commercial drivers in Dameitta governorate. Neck circumference (≥ 38.5) is the most useful independent predictor for SDB and cut of point of AHI and arousal index are the most useful independent predictors of OHS. Higher prevalence of accidents and near accidents in those with SDB versus those without SDB and more prevalent in OHS vs OSA.

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